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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fav song

Hari-hari dengar pun tidak jemu! layann!! zzzaasss

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wa khairul onggon said...

Ape dia cakap? pes time dengar lagu ni :)

kira kekuri said...

haha ehh yah kan,pasti korang x tahu..nahh translation :)

*I couldn’t say farewell that day
Because that would’ve meant admitting we could no longer meet
So I lied that it was all right until the very end

Whenever I think about the truly valuable things
I hide away my true self
Too cowardly to act selfishly

The city where you aren’t present
Is far too large for me alone
Where should I walk towards?

**Diamonds overflow
And roll sparkling down my cheeks
No matter how sad a time
I wish for the strength to not get hurt

I am always too late and get left with regret
Whenever I shield my heart, the barrier grows thicker
Everyone has tears falling behind their smiles

With my fingers, I am still counting all the things you gave me
I will never ever forget them

Unstoppable diamonds
Escape into the starry sky in sad colours
Though I can no longer see you
I have no choice but to walk forward

I stand still, look back and search again and again
But our shared memories are far off
And the moon is gazing at my shadow only


Surely I will one day become able to
Not feel regret about being my docile self

"And the moon is gazing at my shadow only" --> She wants the moon to be gazing at both her shadow and at the shadow of the person she's missing. But sadly, the moon can only see her shadow, therefore her missing person is not present. (maybe I'm pointing out the obvious xD)

Woofer Storm said...

kalau ktun,aku sja dgr lagu drgon ball..nda pun naruto.geng,nda mara ba.bz ckit aku,jadi nda bw smua blog..sory ar,,,,