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Friday, February 5, 2010

thursday evening...

this day..my friends and I went to 1B to watch a movie titled TOORHFAIRY ...
HAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!It's quite fun! I enjoyed every single minutes when watching this movie..hahahha!!
The Rock is funny..together with his assistance..
he become the toothfairy when he said to his girlfriend's daughter..hmn...I don't remember her name..hehehh
this story is directed by Micheal Lamback..
the cast involved is Dwayne Johnson(the Rock)..hehehhe..
and any other cast that is actually not really popular and that why
I don't want to mention their name here...hahahha
ok thats all..if want to watch the movie..go and watch it by yourself!!!hahahahhaha  (^_^)

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