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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sadness in Our Life...

Today I've received a message from my dear fren saying that 1 of our friend is passed away!
OMG!!!!I really shocked wondering how it can be like this?
is that true??or just a rumors?
then I ask my friend that is 'her' roomate..
thats true she said..
huuuhuuuuu :'(
I feel really sad and feel really shocked..
rumors said that she had drowned in the river at the KIULU TUARAN..she and her 
group jioned a camping there.
huuuu..I feel really sad right now!
Looks like the tears want to come out from my eyes!
Its just 1 day ago I talk with her..
eventhough we are not very closed..but we friends right?
I really feel so sad about what hapend to her..
just think it positively kira! 
past is past,just let it go..but we will always remember you
even we can't miss each other..up there will be love u much more..Al-Fatihah for Firdausia...
this is the sign that Allah loves you more...
then Allah take you first then us...
gud bye friend..I will miss you forever!!

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