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Sunday, January 24, 2010

23 january 2010!

Today is a memorable day in my life.
I've meet my secondary school friend Rhona Rashidah,Nurul Atika Ripin,and also Nur Aziela. Today we meet at Kfc Kota Belud. Tika is the first 1 who come first to the Kota Belud town. Then it's me..huhuuu..Before I go there,Rhona message me to bring a "pinang" hahahaha..
here are the sms~

Rhona:"Besar,jalan da kau?klo belum bawakn aku pinang sikit..huhuuu"
Me:"pinang?uii wat pa?xda pinang d rumah kami..hehehe..ada pn d blakang rmh kami tp berpagar da,n rumah nenek aku pn ada..2k apa?"
Rhona:"ntah mama aku ni mrepek tul.."

then i automatically guessing if Rhona's mother eat the "pinang"..hhahah..

Then after that we ate at Kfc..Tika and me ordered Kfc Zinger Tower..huhuu..
its quite funny when we are making the order..

Kfc's waitress :"yes..may I help you?want to eat here or bring home??"
Tika :"eat here!"

But suddenly the customer take a plastics wrapper n put all the things in there

Me :"hey Tika,is that your's?the one that she wrap it right now?"
Tika :"maybe"


Waitress : "here it is..only RM14.56 cent miss.."with smile

Tika and me : "@#$%&*"speechless..
its really her's..ahahah

Then when it come to my turn..

Waitress="yes may i help you?"
me="kfc Xmeal please.."



Waitress : "orange,pepsi or strawberry??"
Me : "strawberry"

ek?the waitress fill the glass with PEPSI!huhhh???what the..?
aahahah..then I keep smiling at her,Maybe she doesn't know it..ahahhaha

Then we eat and chat..its long time no see..hihihiii..

Then at the evening,I accompany my mother and my sister to my old school to visit my sister and brother;Kecik and abang..
There's alot of changes in that school!
looks like they want to built new buildinds..hmnn..
Then I took my present for my birthday from my friend's lil sister Ramizah..
huhuu..I got a nice keychain!Love it!heheheh =(^.^)=

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