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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today after I and my friends manda,Eza,Nurul and also Huda take our picture for the new matrix card,we were going to 1b!!!
huuhuuu!!what are really great day!!huhuuuu
we enjoyed eating at McD..waaww..really delicious!
most of us eat Big Mac..huhuuuu..
just after we take our picture in Hea,we go to 1b by the T.U.T bus..its really fun.Then the bus conducter said that they will go to poly 1st.Waaa..it was my first time to Politeknik.They said that the guys from Politecnics are really good looking..hheehehee..^.^. its true.We all sea that the guys from Poli are really handsome!!wakakakak!!!
Then we went to 1b.The first place we went first is Giant at 1b.I need to buy a bundle of paper for my roomate;hasmin Hamsah from DIB group 1.Huhuuu..'
Then after that we went home by using TUT bus again...weeeeee~~~ \^0^/

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