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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ketika cinta bertasbih

this is a story that really  touched my feeling's...
huuuhuuuu..I really love this movies because its inspire me a lot..hehehheh
I love drama like this..
next time I want to watch a movie similar like this..hihihihi
This movie was based on the BEST SELLER NOVEL in Indonesia..
this movie is about a man who is looking for a wife..
hehehhe..this movie is also about family and religions..huhaa..hehehehhe...
I really love this movie..because the cast is hensem..hahahahah!!especially Abdullah Khaerul Azzam n Furqan!!hahahahahahahah..
here are some picture of them
the girl with the green jilbab is AYATUL HUSNA or her real name is MEYDA SAFIRA,then next to her 
is  ELIANA PARMESTHI ALAM or her real name is Alice Norin.
then the guy at the front is the main character@cast...ABDULLAH KHAERUL AZZAM or his real name is KHOLIDI ASADIL ALAM...heheheh...then the girl with the orange jilbab is the heroin..
and the guy next to him is M.FURQAN..or his real name is ANDI ARSYIL RAHMAN..
huuuu....he is hensem..ahahahhahha...
anyway this story begin at CAiro,Mesir..hehehehhe...
ohhhh I'm lazy to write the synopsis here..maybe next time..huuuu
k daaaaa!!
I love KCB!!!!muahahhhhhhhxxxx!~
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